Who is City Wide?

That’s easy, but it might be easier to explain who we are not first. We are not a janitorial cleaning franchise company. Nor are we a window washing, lawn and landscaping, roofing, or locksmith company.

Instead, we are a management company in the building maintenance industry. We manage services on behalf of our building owners and property managers. If you are a professional sales leader or a leader of people, City Wide offers you a unique opportunity to use your skill set to create the lifestyle, income, and equity doing exactly what you do today, but for yourself rather than corporate America!

How are we different as a franchisor?

Our Model

City Wide is different than any other franchise concept because of the following:

1. Our Why. The City Wide team is committed to positively impacting the lives of everyone within the City Wide community of franchisees, clients, employees, contractors, and vendors. We believe everyone matters, and being successful in life is not enough. We must also be significant!

2. Our Recurring Compounding Revenue Stream. With more than 20 different services to open doors and generate income from, City Wide is the ultimate flywheel business.

3. We are experts in sales and client relationships. City Wide franchisees focus on the things they do best – sales and management – while contractors do what they do best and provide the technical expertise, the equipment, inventory and people. At the same time, the franchisor focuses on providing world class support, training, technology and back house support services.

4. Recession-Resistant. Our offerings are so diverse, we truly are as recession-resistant as you can be.

The question is no longer, “Why should I choose City Wide?” The question now becomes, “Why WOULDN’T I choose City Wide?”

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